Wednesday to Saturday
17.30 - 21.30
If you are more than 6 guests, we are only able to offer you the tasting menu


Marinated olives or salted nuts: 40,-
Both: 70,-

Hverdagen Sour cream and onion crisps with dip: 75,-
Garlic bread on sourdough baguette: 70,-

Preserved aubergine and peppers with spices and olive oil: 75,-

Hverdagens Ceasar Salad: 95,-

Steamed romanesco with Hverdagens romesco and Korean chilli flakes: 110,-

Indian Pakora with sweet potato, chickpea and chilimayo: 110,-

Chickenlivermousse, boozy prunes, dijon and foccacia: 125,-

Blue Hubbard Pumpkin from Brinkholm farm,
lebanese taratour and Georgian herbs: 135,-

New celeriac with sauce blanquette and kalamata olives: 135,-

Wild Mushrooms ala creme on sourdough toast: 165,-

Potato gnocchi, danish mussels and creamy bisque: 175,-


Frangipane peaches, puff pastry and creme chantilly: 95,-



Chefs Choice Menu

Relax, let the kitchen decide for you.
Five to seven dishes from the menu served to share.
345,- per person
+ dessert: 75,-
Needs to be ordered by the whole table