- Seasonal salads with lovage dressing and peanuts: 110,-

- Mackeral from Skagen with roasted cucumber,
preserved leomo and Lebneh: 120,-

- Tempura aubergine with spicy citrus glaze and coriander: 130,-

- Stracciatella with puntarella, radishes, peaches, 

marjoram and pomengranate vinaigrette: 135,-


- Green asparagus, Lima beans and confit egg yolk
with parsely puré and browned butter sauce: 165,-

- Organic chicken skewer marinated in svanetian salt
with ruhubarb compote, pickled cucumbers and naan bread: 175,-

- Brodetto, a tomato based fish sauce with orzo pasta

  langustine, fish of the week and mussels: 220,-

- Rhubarb digestive parfait
with whipped cream and a cherry on top.
Small: 60 ,-  //  For sharing (2): 95 ,-